Quotes & Referenties

Als arrangeur

“… de knappe instrumentatie [bracht] met vele grillige jazzy-achtige effecten het publiek in beweging …’ – Hallo Heusden

“Zulke intieme liedjes, op cd ook al rijk gearrangeerd, leenden zich bijzonder goed voor een uitvoering met echte strijkers.’ NRC Handelsblad

“… het zeer aanstekelijk swingende Dead or Alive [is] verbeeldingsvol bewerkt …’ – Opus Klassiek

Als producer

‘… an electronic orchestra filled with bubbling soul and juicy vocals that create a rhythm worthy of setting dancefloors on fire. Here is the perfect blend of old school vibes produced with uncanny forward thinking.’ – Urbantorque

‘… an eclectic smorgasbord of deep & quirky sounds …’ – Proton

‘Timeless rhythms lull us into a jazzy, hypnotized state, and takes us through the looking-glass into a surreal glitched-out wonderland.’ – Savvy Records

‘Why these tracks work together so well, I just don’t know — although I do know they are all good enough to be singles on their own.’ – Indie Shuffle

‘… neo-soul that sounds like someone tried to have an R&B career in the mid ’90s but went a little too jazz for it to be a success …’ – The Daily Street

‘… full of huge beats, addictive grooves and funky loops …’ – Disturbed Beats


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